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Free yourself from sexual harassment in the workplace

Like other people here in Long Beach, you need your job. Without your income, you would not be able to pay the rent, put food on the table or afford your car payment. For this reason, you have put up with sexual harassment despite the fact that you now dread going to work and your physical and emotional well-being are compromised.

Fortunately, you do not have to put up with this form of discrimination. Whether your supervisor or manager wants to trade sexual favors for job benefits (quid pro quo sexual harassment) or you work in an environment where lewd comments, gestures and images make it difficult for you to work, you do not have to countenance it. Federal and California law both prohibit these behaviors in the workplace.

Don't tolerate workplace discrimination due to a disability

Having a disability certainly comes with its challenges. Facing workplace discrimination should not be one of them. California workers with disabilities do not have to tolerate any discriminatory behavior, including failing to provide reasonable accommodations so they can better do their jobs.

As long as a reasonable accommodation does not cause the employer a significant expense or difficulty, the company is required to provide it to an individual with a disability. If an employer refuses to make the necessary and reasonable changes, a claim could be made for disability discrimination. For some California workers, not receiving an accommodation is the least of their concerns.

How does the Family and Medical Leave Act protect mothers?

Being a working mother is not always easy and sometimes employers can make your life even more difficult. Restricting job opportunities and paid leave, even firing or laying off employees who need to take time to help their families is unfortunately not uncommon in the workplace. However, there are protections in place for mothers trying to balance work and family.

The Family and Medical Leave Act is a federal law that can help families and mothers. The FMLA gives working people the opportunity to take unpaid, and in some cases paid, leave for up to 12 weeks, without the possibility of losing their job. It also protects employees from losing their health benefits during this time.

EEOC says more workplace discrimination reports up in 2018

Far too many California workers continue to suffer in silence. Workplace discrimination continues to be an issue across the country. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says that reports rose during 2018, partly due to the commission's efforts.

The EEOC launched a new part of its public portal that allows workers to make inquiries and schedule appointments online. According to the agency, this new system allowed for more than 40,000 intake interviews and an increase in inquiries of 30 percent. People now have another way to find out whether certain circumstances constitute workplace discrimination. In fact, the EEOC received more than 200,000 questions regarding potential claims.

Workers stand up to employers through wage and hour disputes

Whether you have a family or live alone, you have financial obligations to take care of, and that is why you go to work each day. In return for completing your duties, your employer is supposed to pay you for your time at an agreed upon rate and in compliance with federal and California law. When that does not happen, workers like you can stand up for your rights through wage and hour disputes.

Without the wages you earned and were promised, you may not be able to pay for your housing, food and utilities, among other things. You may wonder whether your employer is singling you out, but more than likely, you are not. If you are not being paid correctly, it is likely your co-workers are not either.

Was your firing legal or does it constitute wrongful termination?

This is the question that many California workers may ask themselves when they lose their jobs. Even though this is an "at will" state when it comes to employment, that does not mean that an employer can always hide behind it. In some cases, the termination is not legal and may constitute wrongful termination.

What does that even mean? An employer, here in California or elsewhere, cannot terminate you for an illegal reason. Both federal and California law protect you from discrimination based on your gender, age, race or other factors. In addition, your employer cannot fire you in retaliation for your exercising your rights as an employee.

New sexual-harassment-related laws in California

Sexual harassment poisons work environments and can cause lasting harm to its victims. Unfortunately, this unacceptable behavior continues to show up in many workplaces here in the United States. Another sad reality is that many sexual harassment victims are subjected to an environment which could leave them feeling like they are not free to speak up about the wrong being done to them.

In recent times, some states have taken efforts to change their laws to try to help reduce workplace sexual harassment and help victims feel empowered to speak up against such harmful behavior. California is among these states.

What counts as dress code gender discrimination for women?

Over the years, office dress codes have become more casual and the workforce has grown to encompass an even amount of both men and women. However, some businesses may still enforce different dress code standards for women than men.

If you believe your employer is enforcing a dress code that is discriminatory towards women, read on to learn about whether you may be able to take action.

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