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Wage and Hour Dispute Attorney in Long Beach, California

From the moment you clock in at work until the end of your day, you expect that your employer will pay you fairly. When employers violate wage and hour laws, your ability to afford housing, food, transportation, and other basic expenses suffers.

If you believe that you are not receiving the wages that you have earned, Lyon Legal, P.C., can defend your complaint in court. Our employment and labor attorneys have over 20 years of combined legal experience. We represent workers throughout the Los Angeles metro in a variety of industries. Talk to us for free today by calling our Long Beach office or our Riverside location.

Advocating for Fair Pay in Class Action Suits

You May Believe that You Are the Only Employee with Cause to Your Wage Dispute at Your Work. However, Wage and Hour Violations Are Not Isolated Events. Your Co-Workers May Be Suffering from Wage Theft as Well.

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Our legal team uses the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to hold business owners responsible for disregarding wage and labor standards related to:

  • Minimum wage

  • Overtime pay

  • Rest and lunch breaks

  • Pay for mandatory off-site training

  • After-hours work such as providing on-call services or responding to work-related email

When you meet with our team, we will study the facts of your claim and identify the most effective course approach to take. Our lawyers will file a complaint on your behalf and help you defend against employer retaliation during this process. Filing this claim is a protected act that shields you from wrongful termination, demotion, and other unlawful actions.

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The statute of limitations for filing a wage and hour claim is short in California. Contact our firm to begin the process before your time expires. Arrange your free review by calling or completing our brief contact form.