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On Behalf of Lyon Legal, P.C. Feb. 6, 2019

Workplace Discrimination Shouldn’t Lead to Retaliation

When you took your job, you expected to have the freedom to make the most of the opportunity unhindered by antiquated biases. Workplace discrimination is not something that you should have to tolerate. Both California and federal law protect employees like you from it. The problem is that your employer may decide to take it out on you if you file a complaint, especially outside of the company.

This is referred to as retaliation, and it is also against the law. Actions such as denying you a promotion, changing your schedule or decreasing your pay are common examples of ways that employers “punish” employees who file complaints to assert their rights. Your employer may also take away some of your job responsibilities, which could effectively demote you.

Of course, you could simply be demoted. To substantiate such a move, your next performance review could give you poor marks when past reviews showed your performance as above average. These constitute examples of some the forms of retaliation that your boss probably thinks he or she can get away with.

Other forms of retaliation could move more into the hostile territory. Other employees may even be involved. The goal is to either make you quit or fire you.

If you believe your employer is retaliating against you for reporting workplace discrimination, California and federal law protect you. You do not have to put up with this type of behavior. You probably would not be surprised just how many discrimination complaints also accompany allegations of retaliation and wrongful termination.