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Feb. 6, 2020

The LGBTQ Community Continues to Fight Workplace Discrimination

California offers individuals numerous protections in their chosen profession. However, that does not mean that they stop experiencing workplace discrimination. For instance, the LGBTQ community continues to battle it all over the country, even where laws protect against it.

Even as society’s acceptance of the community continues to grow, the atmosphere in many workplaces still prevents people from being who they are. In fact, one of the most difficult choices many in the LGBTQ community face is whether to “come out” at work. In their personal lives, they may feel free to tell the people in their lives who they really are, but not at work. This situation creates its own kind of stress and anxiety.

When a person does come out at work, he or she could end up facing discrimination and harassment from co-workers. This unfair treatment, ridicule and prejudice result in high levels of anxiety and stress, which could easily manifest in health issues. When managers and supervisors participate in discriminatory acts such as changing schedules, denying promotions and more, the situation becomes even worse. Under these circumstances, a member of the LGBTQ community may want nothing more than to escape.

However, any member of the LGBTQ community facing workplace discrimination does not have to simply take it. California companies should have policies and procedures in place to stop harassment and discrimination when brought to their attention. The person making the complaint should also receive protection from retaliation, but that does not always happen. Even so, workers have rights, and they should not feel bullied into not asserting them when the situation warrants it.