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Defending Employees Illegally Penalized For Their Actions

You should not be penalized at work for trying to do the right thing or for attempting to protect your rights. Whether you have filed a discrimination complaint with human resources or have requested leave, there are state and federal statutes designed to shield you from unjust discipline.

If you have suffered from retaliation at your job, you can depend on Lyon Legal, P.C., to advocate for your case. Our law firm concentrates on employment matters exclusively. This focus allows us to remain current on updates to California employment laws and regulations. We use this knowledge to design an effective legal approach for any retaliation issue.

What You Need To Know About Employer Retaliation

Job termination and demotion are common forms of employer retaliation, but there are others. We have represented clients for claims related to:

  • Pay decrease
  • Poor performance reviews
  • Position reassignments
  • Reduced job responsibilities

In California, employers and supervisors can discipline their employees and fire them without providing a reason. Problems arise when they unlawfully punish employees who have engaged in a protected activity such as filing an OSHA complaint for unsafe work conditions or unlawful wage practices or submitting a workers’ compensation claim.

Our managing partner, Devon Lyon, is a skilled litigator and experienced negotiator. She will thoroughly investigate the events involved in your case, including complaints you filed and your employment reviews. If you have been disciplined in a manner that is inconsistent with workplace policies, our attorneys will take the appropriate steps to handle this matter.

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